Is Your Network Ready for Windows 10?


Since the July release of Windows 10, the tech world has been talking about the latest update from Microsoft. According to Microsoft, within one day of its release, more than 14 million users had downloaded Windows 10. Microsoft is rolling the new product out in phases, so how will you be sure your network is ready for the new Windows?

The Good News about Windows 10

What users like about Windows 10 is that it is fast and familiar. Windows 10 includes an improved Start menu and is designed to startup and resume quickly. It also has the Microsoft Edge ? an all-new browser. With the latest Windows product all updates are cumulative. Windows 10 should be compatible with the hardware, software and peripherals you already own. The OneDrive online storage can help you easily share files and keep files up to date across all your devices.
Windows 10 Bandwidth Requirements

Some businesses will wonder if they need more bandwidth for Windows 10. Though Windows 10 was free to download, updating the operating system is costing some dearly. Some updates may use many gigabytes of bandwidth for a typical installation. The new product and the automatic updates may tax some users with data caps. Some users may need to budget for this and make sure they have adequate internet connectivity.

New User Interface for Windows 10

New concerns with the way that Windows 10 enforces automatic download and installation of updates is turning a free update into a costly endeavor for some users. Make sure you are up to date on all the security features, so that you do not have any surprises. To find out if your network is ready for Windows 10, please contact your service provider today.